• PU Leather Body Harness


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    Introducing our new 'Body Harness' now available in our online store! Made with soft PU Leather it is super comfortable to wear. The outside is exceptionally detailed with a leather texture. The inside has a smooth satin finish to ensure comfort. Our thong styled bottom has fully adjustable sides with two a wrap-around leather straps going over your shoulders and fixing to the top centre of the thong. Also adjustable for maximum comfort. The front pouch can also pop out and back into place. The back has been framed and shaped to accentuate the curvature of your ass cheeks to give that 'bubble-butt' look.

    Size guide

    Harness will generally fit customers with a 30-44 inch/38-52 inch chest. Please contact us if you have any queries about this. Your items are discretely packaged in a plain postal bag or tube.